Process Lasso Pro 8.9

Bitsum's Process Lasso is a process priority optimization and system automation utility. Although Lasso offers a plethora of advanced rules and features, you need not be a tech whiz to use it. As soon as you install Lasso, without any further action, it's ProBalance technology will immediately start restraining CPU hogs to help your PC retain responsiveness during high CPU loads. This is proven technology that you can demo in both synthetic and real-world tests with high CPU load applications. Few PC optimization algorithms can say that their results are *proven*!

Process Lasso also offers a first-in-class Gaming Mode that disables CPU core parking and frequency scaling, something recently vindicated by Intel, SmartTrim, and a number of automation features and innovative algorithms to allow YOU to take full control of the processes running on your PC.
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Have it speak

Speech and suggestions of course of action with spoken information about actions taken and results thereof.
Exxoduss, 03.01.2016, 21:40
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Excellent program

This is an excellent program with tons of features and things to tweak. I would only like to see a better display of what's going on other than the rolling bar graph.
George, 03.01.2016, 13:37
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Limit process memory, terminate on crossing.

for example, VLC with VLsub can grow to GB of RAM real fast once some bug is encountered. I'd like to be able to terminate it once it crosses, say, 400MB RAM.
amit raam, 03.01.2016, 09:20